Great interest in the Blockchain

The decentralized digital ledger is at the heart of Bitcoin and many companies show considerable interest in block chain technology. This technology could improve the entire financial system. On the one hand, administrative costs for the own account could be minimized and on the other hand the blockchain records all transaction data automatically, which could considerably simplify the accounting.

But not only the exchange of a bitcoin can be logged. Digital goods can also be recorded. Smart contracts can be implemented with Blockchain technology, as is already the case at Ethereum. is not the Bitcoin Blockchain

The website offers various data regarding the Bitcoin Blockchain. The start page of the website displays the currently found Bitcoin blocks, as well as the latest transactions that are made in the Bitcoin network. In addition, you can search for the bitcoin block height, a bitcoin address, block hash, transaction hash, hash160 or the IPv4 address using the search function.

Bitcoin Block Explorer

However, this website is not the official Bitcoin blockchain, but only the official Bitcoin blockchain. That is why websites that display data about the Bitcoin Blockchain are called Bitcoin Block Explorer. These help with research and provide various statistics: Number of Bitcoins in circulation, number of transactions, Difficulty and much more.

blockchain wallet
The website also offers a Blockchain Wallet. This is by no means an official Bitcoin Wallet, it is just an online Wallet provided by

However, there is a high security risk with web wallets. Be sure to choose a better Bitcoin Wallet for storing larger sums of money.

Disadvantage of a blockchain
Unlike central databases, block-chain technology requires constant computing power or a kind of performance from different (decentralized) sources to ensure security and timeliness.