Ethereum addresses grow by 536% since it had a market value of $1,432


The Ethereum (ETH) kryptom currency addresses grew by 536% in the last two years, taking into account the time when the altcoin was quoted above $1,400 in the market.

This impressive growth reveals that more people are using Ethreum (ETH), as more than 30 million new directions have been generated since early 2018.

The data only considers addresses with some amount in Ethereum (ETH), confirming the growth in market adoption of altcoin, according to GlassNode data.

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Over 30 million new Ethereum (ETH) addresses
In the last two years, more than 30 million

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addresses that have been generated on the network remain with some balance of the cryptosystem to date.

This number shows a growth of 536% in kryptomoney addresses, without taking into account the addresses created that currently have no balance.

According to GlassNode information, „valid“ addresses with some amount in Ether (ETH) increased from 5,745,056 in early 2018 to over 36,536,239.

The data reveals that in about two years the network has increased the number of addresses more than five times, and this information refers to the interval between 13 January 2018 and 24 April 2020.

In the first four months of 2020 alone, more than 4,000,000 addresses were created in the network, with an average of 1,000,000 addresses created monthly.

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The network has grown since Altcoin was worth $1,432 on the market
On January 13, 2018, the price of the Ethereum (ETH) broke the record of the highest price ever recorded by the cryptomonenary, with a price of around $1,432.

However, since then the (ETH) has not been able to recover anything close to that price and remains at a value far below that of most altcoins in the market.

Considering the record price of Ethereum (ETH) two years ago in the market, today the price of the altcoin is about 86% lower, with the cryptomone valued at about $200 in the market.

But the drop in the price of Ethereum (ETH) has not prevented the altcoin network from increasing the number of addresses in recent years. Even with a cumulative devaluation of 86% since 2018, crypto currency addresses grew by 536%.

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