PayPal udvider Crypto-funktionen til alle amerikanske brugere, Christine Lagarde fremsætter positive kommentarer til Digital Euro – Top 5 Crypto News of the Week

Bitcoin skubber stadig tempoet og steg for nylig over prisniveauet på $ 16.000. Denne uge havde vi masser af fascinerende kryptonyheder, og vi har samlet de 5 mest interessante historier til dig.

PayPal udvider sin kryptovaluta-service til alle berettigede amerikanske kunder

Betalingsgiganten PayPal har udvidet sin kryptokurrency-tjeneste til alle kvalificerede brugere i USA. Tidligere måtte interesserede brugere slutte sig til en venteliste, før de kunne købe og sælge Bitcoin BTC, -0,69%, Ethereum ETH, 1,91%, Bitcoin Cash BCH, 0,56% og Litecoin LTC, 3,15% via PayPal.

ECB-præsident Christine Lagarde siger, at hendes „fornemmelse“ er, at den digitale euro bliver en realitet

Præsident for Den Europæiske Centralbank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, har igen kommenteret udsigterne for den digitale euro, en potentiel centralbank digital valuta (CBDC), der i øjeblikket undersøges af ECB.

I et panel om centralbankpolitik, hvor den amerikanske føderale reserveformand Jerome Powell og Bank of England-guvernør Andrew Bailey også var til stede, sagde Lagarde, at hendes antagelse er, at en digital euro til sidst vil blive en realitet.

Milliardærinvestor Stanley Druckenmiller afslører, at han er lang på Bitcoin

Milliardærinvestor Stanley Druckenmiller, der tidligere var formand for Duquesne Capital og også fungerede som den ledende porteføljeforvalter for George Soros ‚Quantum Fund, afslørede at han ejer Bitcoin.

Druckenmiller fremsatte sine kommentarer til BTC for nylig på CNBC. Selvom han bemærkede, at han ejer meget mere guld, end han gør Bitcoin Trader, siger Druckenmiller, at han ikke ville blive overrasket over at se Bitcoin overgå guld, hvis hans indsats på guld viser sig at være en succes.

Infura-udfald forårsager hovedpine ved krypto-udveksling og Ethereum dApps

Den store Ethereum-infrastrukturudbyder Infura oplevede problemer tidligere på ugen og forårsagede hovedpine for kryptovalutaudvekslinger og Ethereum dApps. Infuras hovedrolle har længe været genstand for debatter, hvor kritikere hævder, at Ethereum-evosystemet er for afhængigt af et enkelt centraliseret selskab.

Ripple købte 45,5 millioner dollars i XRP-kryptokurrency i 3. kvartal 2020

Det amerikanske fintech-firma Ripple har offentliggjort sin seneste XRP-markedsrapport, hvori den skitserede tilstanden af ​​XRP XRP, 6,99% markeder samt sit eget salg og køb af XRP.

I tredje kvartal købte Ripple XRP til en værdi af 45,5 millioner dollars, mens de solgte kryptovalutaen til 81,4 millioner dollars i On Demand Liquidity-relateret salg. Ifølge Ripple foretog det ikke noget XRP-salg i 3. kvartal, der ikke var forbundet med ODL-produktet.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico, owns bitcoin

He confirmed it himself with a tweet in which he wrote:

„Today I recommend THE BITCOIN PATTERN, this book is the best and most important to understand Bitcoin.

Bitcoin protects the citizen from expropriation by the government.

Many people ask me if I have bitcoin: yes. I have 10% of my liquid portfolio invested“.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the founder and president of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies that deals with telecommunications, media, financial services and shops.

His assets are estimated at $13.2 billion, making him the third richest man in Mexico, and the 110th richest in the world. However, it is not known exactly how much of this wealth is made up of liquid funds, so it is not possible to calculate what the 10% he holds in BTC corresponds to.

Grupo Salinas was founded as a family-owned furniture manufacturing company founded in 1906 by Ricardo’s great-grandfather, Benjamin Salinas, and called Salinas & Rocha. In 1950 the company became Grupo Elektra, and in 1987 it became Ricardo’s own CEO.

The company then refocused on household appliances, electronics and furniture, expanding mainly into Mexico’s large consumer market for lower-middle income, also providing credit sales and financial products.

In 2002, Grupo Elektra acquired a banking licence and became the largest consumer financing company in the country.

Expansion continued with Banco Azteca, and Azteca, one of the world’s two largest producers of Spanish-language television programmes.

In 2003 Salinas also acquired the country’s first Bitcoin Era mobile phone company, later sold to AT&T, and today offers Internet, television and telephone services through Total Play and Enlace.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s opinion on coins and Bitcoin
Ricardo Salinas Pliego believes that the fiat currencies issued by the government are worth practically nothing, so much so that annual inflation in Mexico is almost always above 4%. Moreover, the value of the Mexican Peso tends to follow that of the US dollar, so inflationary assumptions regarding the greenback will easily have similar consequences also on the national currency of the country.

In the past, it was mainly gold that protected the value of savings from inflation, but evidently more and more people who hold a lot of liquidity prefer to bet on bitcoins as well.

Vitreo updates CVM approved fund and unites Gold and Bitcoin in a single composition

Vitreo’s cryptomorphic background is updated and now unites the world of precise metals with that of cryptomorphic
Vitreo Management puts on the air this Tuesday (10) the new version of the fund CriptoMoedas Light, a product aimed at retail investors with 20% exposure to cryptoactives and 80% of the composition exposed to fixed income securities post-fixed.

Thus, the fund’s update, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), now renamed Vitreo Cripto Metals Blend FICFIM, was held after a meeting with participation of the fund’s shareholders at the beginning of last month.

Don’t know what ‚lettuce hand‘ is? Check out some of the main terms used in the world of Bitcoin and cryptomoraks

With this, the part of the fund’s composition that belonged to the post-fixed fixed income starts to be applied in precious metal funds, more specifically Gold (70%) and Silver (10%).

The product, then, allows investors of all profiles to apply in assets that are going through the current crisis with high performance.

Launched in February, CryptoMoedas Light, with net worth of $ 20.33 mns and more than 4,3 thousand quota holders, already accumulates an income of 19.14% since the opening on until last Friday (6).
Investment funds

Two other house funds serve as indicators for what to expect for the „new“ fund.

CriptoMoedas, which is turned to qualified investor, registers an accumulated performance of 112,78% (between 02/28/20 to 11/06/20), has R$ 111,94 million PL and more then 3,3 thousand quotaholders.

Dollar can reach R$ 6 with decline on economic indicators in Brazil

Vitreo Ouro, available on the platform since September last year, until November 6 has yielded 60,52% this year, it counts with US$ 297,16 million and 13,9 thousand quotaholders.

„With this fund we have created a true reserve combo of unpublished value in the market. Many don’t know that the cryptomoedas are also scarce, as well as the precious metals. It’s a smart investment for those who want to go against this flow of ‚money printing‘ from the central banks, caused by the coronavirus crisis,“ explains George Wachsmann, partner and head of management at Vitreo.

Notas de Real may be running out of days, says Banco Central do Brasil

Crypto Metals Blend, available to the general public, has a minimum investment of $ 1 thousand and a management fee of 0.05% per year. The total weighted fund rate is approximately 0,398% per year.

Currently in Brazil there are 11 funds that have partial or total exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas. The Cointelegraph has set up a guide with all of them, rates, application values and other information.

La CTB consolide ses gains de plus de 15 000 dollars tandis que les Altcoins progressent

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, le prix de la BTC a presque atteint 16 000 dollars, le dollar américain ayant baissé en raison des attentes de Joe Biden à la Maison Blanche.

Ce rallye qui a porté la Bitcoin Revolution à des sommets de 15 974 $ sur les principaux marchés au comptant signifie que la pièce maîtresse a maintenant atteint un sommet plus élevé que celui de 2019. Le seul sommet restant à retirer est le plus haut de tous les temps à 20 000 dollars.

Bitcoin est actuellement stable à son prix actuel de 13 350 $, où il a consolidé ses gains pendant une grande partie de la journée.

Malgré l’échec des taureaux à faire passer la BTCUSD au-dessus de 16 000 dollars hier, l’actif continue de se renforcer, étant donné qu’il se négociait à un creux de 13 300 dollars il y a quelques jours à peine.

Quelles sont les prochaines étapes pour la BTC ?
Bitcoin a encore de la marge pour se reprendre, selon les données de la société d’analyse Glassnode. Cependant, le marché à terme indique que la hausse devient insoutenable.

Les taux de financement des marchés à terme ont commencé à augmenter après la hausse d’hier, pour atteindre 16 000 dollars. Ce rallye de la BTC s’est appuyé sur une forte hausse des volumes du marché au comptant, les investisseurs particuliers et institutionnels ayant accumulé des pièces en masse pour les conserver.

Un éminent crypto-analyste suggère maintenant que le mouvement à la hausse commence à ralentir lorsque le marché de la CTB atteint son sommet.

Selon le général byzantin, le taux de financement de la Binance a commencé à exploser plus haut, dans un signe peut-être „baissier“. Pendant ce temps, le positionnement des traders longs et courts sur le crypto exchange a augmenté rapidement.

L’analyste a conclu que le crypto phare pourrait bientôt se corriger car les investisseurs sont devenus trop haussiers trop rapidement. Il a ajouté qu’une pression sur les positions longues pourrait se développer, les positions longues étant surendettées et liquidées à la baisse.

Soutenant un scénario de retracement des prix de la BTC à court terme, l'“indice de peur et d’avidité“ de la cryptocouronne a atteint des sommets pluriannuels à 92 points.

Les Altcoins se renforcent grâce à l’élan de l’ETH

Alors que la CTB consolide ses gains, de nombreux altcoins ont monté en flèche ces dernières heures, alimentés par l’ETH qui a capté une vague d’impulsion qui l’a fait monter en flèche.

Hier, le prix de l’ETH a finalement réussi à sortir d’une période prolongée de trading latéral suite à la confirmation de la sortie imminente du réseau 2.0. Ethereum a maintenant réussi à gagner un peu de terrain contre BTC après sa forte hausse de la nuit.

L’ETHUSD se négocie actuellement à 450 dollars, une hausse impressionnante qui a incité les altcoins à montrer des signes de formation de creux.

L’analyste Byzantine General prévoit que la CTB enregistrera une autre forte poussée vers le haut avant de publier un „blow off top“. Il affirme que ce scénario fera déborder les profits sur le marché de l’altcoin, ouvrant ainsi les portes de la prochaine saison de l’altcoin.

Main developments in the Bitcoin market

The European Central Bank unintentionally promotes decentralised currencies, while Bitcoin is supposed to support the Iranian economy.

Total technical failure at ECB shows strength of Bitcoin

Last week ended with a total failure of the European Central Bank (ECB) on 23 October. For several hours the Target2 system was paralysed, as was the bank’s information network. This made it impossible for the ECB and national central banks to process transactions from commercial banks. Private customers were not affected. Nevertheless, this incident demonstrates the weaknesses of centralisation and the strengths of a more decentralised financial system. Advocates of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and digital central bank currencies (CBDCs) felt vindicated: In decentralised transaction systems, failure is impossible. Meanwhile, the ECB ruled out a cyber attack.

PayPal could soon issue its own crypto currency

It was only on 21 October that PayPal announced its intention that the platform would in future support the crypto currencies Bitcoin, (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). The Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, Meltem Demirors, suspects that the payment service provider will also soon offer its own token. This would probably be based on the US dollar: It would therefore be a stable coin Crypto Cash that reflects the value of the fiat currency, similar to the stable coin tether (USDT). The chief strategist of CoinShares believes that this token could be developed in six to twelve months: With PayPal planning to buy the crypto-custodian BitGo, the company’s crypto affinity is becoming increasingly apparent.

Iran’s central bank soon Bitcoin-Wal?

The USA is blocking international payments to and from Iran. The Islamic Republic has now responded with an unusual response: The government and the central bank are betting on the largest crypto currency by market capitalisation. The central bank provides importers with Bitcoin, which allows foreign traders to pay smoothly. The country legalised Bitcoin mining in 2019 and the regulatory environment is still uncertain. But the crypto community is happy about the news. Because the company shows the incorruptibility of digital money. The Iranian government seems to have understood this and is using the situation to its advantage.

Premiere: IPO in Australia accepts Stable Coin Tether

Initial Public Offerings are IPOs – investors pay shares with fiat money. The Australian West Coast Aquaculture Group (WCA) is offering its customers for the first time the possibility to buy shares with a crypto currency. This is a novelty for the country. The IPO will take place in mid-November, and in addition to the Australian dollar, the stable coin tether will also serve as a means of payment. Thanks to its peg to the US dollar and other assets, this is subject to only low volatility. Therefore, the WCA preferred this crypto currency. The IPO is expected to bring the company 5 million Australian Dollars, which it intends to use for the acquisition of breeding and rearing facilities, among other things.

Marathon and Riot fight for dominance in Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining remains a highly competitive business. Marathon and Riot show that it has long since ceased to be hobby computer scientists who use their home PCs to promote Bitcoin. They are fighting bitterly for the Bitcoin Mining crown. Marathon is investing in thousands of Antminer S-19 Pros, with which it aims to take pole position in July 2021 with 2.56 exahashes per second (EH/s). Then 1.9 percent of the network’s total mining power would be in the hands of the company. Riots plan was to achieve a computing power of 2.3 EH/s by then. This target is to be corrected with the acquisition of mining hardware of the same type as Marathon’s. But Riot is still ahead.