Vitreo updates CVM approved fund and unites Gold and Bitcoin in a single composition

Vitreo’s cryptomorphic background is updated and now unites the world of precise metals with that of cryptomorphic
Vitreo Management puts on the air this Tuesday (10) the new version of the fund CriptoMoedas Light, a product aimed at retail investors with 20% exposure to cryptoactives and 80% of the composition exposed to fixed income securities post-fixed.

Thus, the fund’s update, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), now renamed Vitreo Cripto Metals Blend FICFIM, was held after a meeting with participation of the fund’s shareholders at the beginning of last month.

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With this, the part of the fund’s composition that belonged to the post-fixed fixed income starts to be applied in precious metal funds, more specifically Gold (70%) and Silver (10%).

The product, then, allows investors of all profiles to apply in assets that are going through the current crisis with high performance.

Launched in February, CryptoMoedas Light, with net worth of $ 20.33 mns and more than 4,3 thousand quota holders, already accumulates an income of 19.14% since the opening on until last Friday (6).
Investment funds

Two other house funds serve as indicators for what to expect for the „new“ fund.

CriptoMoedas, which is turned to qualified investor, registers an accumulated performance of 112,78% (between 02/28/20 to 11/06/20), has R$ 111,94 million PL and more then 3,3 thousand quotaholders.

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Vitreo Ouro, available on the platform since September last year, until November 6 has yielded 60,52% this year, it counts with US$ 297,16 million and 13,9 thousand quotaholders.

„With this fund we have created a true reserve combo of unpublished value in the market. Many don’t know that the cryptomoedas are also scarce, as well as the precious metals. It’s a smart investment for those who want to go against this flow of ‚money printing‘ from the central banks, caused by the coronavirus crisis,“ explains George Wachsmann, partner and head of management at Vitreo.

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Crypto Metals Blend, available to the general public, has a minimum investment of $ 1 thousand and a management fee of 0.05% per year. The total weighted fund rate is approximately 0,398% per year.

Currently in Brazil there are 11 funds that have partial or total exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas. The Cointelegraph has set up a guide with all of them, rates, application values and other information.

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