Vitreo updates CVM approved fund and unites Gold and Bitcoin in a single composition

Vitreo’s cryptomorphic background is updated and now unites the world of precise metals with that of cryptomorphic
Vitreo Management puts on the air this Tuesday (10) the new version of the fund CriptoMoedas Light, a product aimed at retail investors with 20% exposure to cryptoactives and 80% of the composition exposed to fixed income securities post-fixed.

Thus, the fund’s update, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), now renamed Vitreo Cripto Metals Blend FICFIM, was held after a meeting with participation of the fund’s shareholders at the beginning of last month.

Don’t know what ‚lettuce hand‘ is? Check out some of the main terms used in the world of Bitcoin and cryptomoraks

With this, the part of the fund’s composition that belonged to the post-fixed fixed income starts to be applied in precious metal funds, more specifically Gold (70%) and Silver (10%).

The product, then, allows investors of all profiles to apply in assets that are going through the current crisis with high performance.

Launched in February, CryptoMoedas Light, with net worth of $ 20.33 mns and more than 4,3 thousand quota holders, already accumulates an income of 19.14% since the opening on until last Friday (6).
Investment funds

Two other house funds serve as indicators for what to expect for the „new“ fund.

CriptoMoedas, which is turned to qualified investor, registers an accumulated performance of 112,78% (between 02/28/20 to 11/06/20), has R$ 111,94 million PL and more then 3,3 thousand quotaholders.

Dollar can reach R$ 6 with decline on economic indicators in Brazil

Vitreo Ouro, available on the platform since September last year, until November 6 has yielded 60,52% this year, it counts with US$ 297,16 million and 13,9 thousand quotaholders.

„With this fund we have created a true reserve combo of unpublished value in the market. Many don’t know that the cryptomoedas are also scarce, as well as the precious metals. It’s a smart investment for those who want to go against this flow of ‚money printing‘ from the central banks, caused by the coronavirus crisis,“ explains George Wachsmann, partner and head of management at Vitreo.

Notas de Real may be running out of days, says Banco Central do Brasil

Crypto Metals Blend, available to the general public, has a minimum investment of $ 1 thousand and a management fee of 0.05% per year. The total weighted fund rate is approximately 0,398% per year.

Currently in Brazil there are 11 funds that have partial or total exposure in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas. The Cointelegraph has set up a guide with all of them, rates, application values and other information.

La CTB consolide ses gains de plus de 15 000 dollars tandis que les Altcoins progressent

Au cours des dernières 24 heures, le prix de la BTC a presque atteint 16 000 dollars, le dollar américain ayant baissé en raison des attentes de Joe Biden à la Maison Blanche.

Ce rallye qui a porté la Bitcoin Revolution à des sommets de 15 974 $ sur les principaux marchés au comptant signifie que la pièce maîtresse a maintenant atteint un sommet plus élevé que celui de 2019. Le seul sommet restant à retirer est le plus haut de tous les temps à 20 000 dollars.

Bitcoin est actuellement stable à son prix actuel de 13 350 $, où il a consolidé ses gains pendant une grande partie de la journée.

Malgré l’échec des taureaux à faire passer la BTCUSD au-dessus de 16 000 dollars hier, l’actif continue de se renforcer, étant donné qu’il se négociait à un creux de 13 300 dollars il y a quelques jours à peine.

Quelles sont les prochaines étapes pour la BTC ?
Bitcoin a encore de la marge pour se reprendre, selon les données de la société d’analyse Glassnode. Cependant, le marché à terme indique que la hausse devient insoutenable.

Les taux de financement des marchés à terme ont commencé à augmenter après la hausse d’hier, pour atteindre 16 000 dollars. Ce rallye de la BTC s’est appuyé sur une forte hausse des volumes du marché au comptant, les investisseurs particuliers et institutionnels ayant accumulé des pièces en masse pour les conserver.

Un éminent crypto-analyste suggère maintenant que le mouvement à la hausse commence à ralentir lorsque le marché de la CTB atteint son sommet.

Selon le général byzantin, le taux de financement de la Binance a commencé à exploser plus haut, dans un signe peut-être „baissier“. Pendant ce temps, le positionnement des traders longs et courts sur le crypto exchange a augmenté rapidement.

L’analyste a conclu que le crypto phare pourrait bientôt se corriger car les investisseurs sont devenus trop haussiers trop rapidement. Il a ajouté qu’une pression sur les positions longues pourrait se développer, les positions longues étant surendettées et liquidées à la baisse.

Soutenant un scénario de retracement des prix de la BTC à court terme, l'“indice de peur et d’avidité“ de la cryptocouronne a atteint des sommets pluriannuels à 92 points.

Les Altcoins se renforcent grâce à l’élan de l’ETH

Alors que la CTB consolide ses gains, de nombreux altcoins ont monté en flèche ces dernières heures, alimentés par l’ETH qui a capté une vague d’impulsion qui l’a fait monter en flèche.

Hier, le prix de l’ETH a finalement réussi à sortir d’une période prolongée de trading latéral suite à la confirmation de la sortie imminente du réseau 2.0. Ethereum a maintenant réussi à gagner un peu de terrain contre BTC après sa forte hausse de la nuit.

L’ETHUSD se négocie actuellement à 450 dollars, une hausse impressionnante qui a incité les altcoins à montrer des signes de formation de creux.

L’analyste Byzantine General prévoit que la CTB enregistrera une autre forte poussée vers le haut avant de publier un „blow off top“. Il affirme que ce scénario fera déborder les profits sur le marché de l’altcoin, ouvrant ainsi les portes de la prochaine saison de l’altcoin.

Main developments in the Bitcoin market

The European Central Bank unintentionally promotes decentralised currencies, while Bitcoin is supposed to support the Iranian economy.

Total technical failure at ECB shows strength of Bitcoin

Last week ended with a total failure of the European Central Bank (ECB) on 23 October. For several hours the Target2 system was paralysed, as was the bank’s information network. This made it impossible for the ECB and national central banks to process transactions from commercial banks. Private customers were not affected. Nevertheless, this incident demonstrates the weaknesses of centralisation and the strengths of a more decentralised financial system. Advocates of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and digital central bank currencies (CBDCs) felt vindicated: In decentralised transaction systems, failure is impossible. Meanwhile, the ECB ruled out a cyber attack.

PayPal could soon issue its own crypto currency

It was only on 21 October that PayPal announced its intention that the platform would in future support the crypto currencies Bitcoin, (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). The Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, Meltem Demirors, suspects that the payment service provider will also soon offer its own token. This would probably be based on the US dollar: It would therefore be a stable coin Crypto Cash that reflects the value of the fiat currency, similar to the stable coin tether (USDT). The chief strategist of CoinShares believes that this token could be developed in six to twelve months: With PayPal planning to buy the crypto-custodian BitGo, the company’s crypto affinity is becoming increasingly apparent.

Iran’s central bank soon Bitcoin-Wal?

The USA is blocking international payments to and from Iran. The Islamic Republic has now responded with an unusual response: The government and the central bank are betting on the largest crypto currency by market capitalisation. The central bank provides importers with Bitcoin, which allows foreign traders to pay smoothly. The country legalised Bitcoin mining in 2019 and the regulatory environment is still uncertain. But the crypto community is happy about the news. Because the company shows the incorruptibility of digital money. The Iranian government seems to have understood this and is using the situation to its advantage.

Premiere: IPO in Australia accepts Stable Coin Tether

Initial Public Offerings are IPOs – investors pay shares with fiat money. The Australian West Coast Aquaculture Group (WCA) is offering its customers for the first time the possibility to buy shares with a crypto currency. This is a novelty for the country. The IPO will take place in mid-November, and in addition to the Australian dollar, the stable coin tether will also serve as a means of payment. Thanks to its peg to the US dollar and other assets, this is subject to only low volatility. Therefore, the WCA preferred this crypto currency. The IPO is expected to bring the company 5 million Australian Dollars, which it intends to use for the acquisition of breeding and rearing facilities, among other things.

Marathon and Riot fight for dominance in Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining remains a highly competitive business. Marathon and Riot show that it has long since ceased to be hobby computer scientists who use their home PCs to promote Bitcoin. They are fighting bitterly for the Bitcoin Mining crown. Marathon is investing in thousands of Antminer S-19 Pros, with which it aims to take pole position in July 2021 with 2.56 exahashes per second (EH/s). Then 1.9 percent of the network’s total mining power would be in the hands of the company. Riots plan was to achieve a computing power of 2.3 EH/s by then. This target is to be corrected with the acquisition of mining hardware of the same type as Marathon’s. But Riot is still ahead.

Dessa Bitcoin-signaler liknar dess glansdagar 2017

För Bitcoin-världen var december 2017 ära och mardrömmen, allt inslagna i en.

Under den månaden och den tillbakadragning som följde såg världen vad som kunde hända om hype kring kryptovalutor gav vika för verkligheten

Nu, nästan tre år senare, kräver Bitcoin System presstidspris 75 procent hopp för att nå toppen av [nästan] 20 000 dollar. Men när man tittar på den aktuella prissvängningen mot december 2017 kan man se att vi förmodligen är närmare än du tror.

För att backa lite var $ 19.000 inte en fas, det var en uppgång i början, det var första gången Joe varje dag hörde talas om dessa „magiska internetpengar“ och hoppade på vagnen. Vidare var prissvängningen svår, inte stabil, ett snabbt hopp till 20 000 dollar och ett snabbt fall under 10 000 dollar i februari och så lågt som 3 000 dollar i november. Ja, det var inte hur någon förväntade sig det. Men nu har inte bara marknaden mognat utan också priset.

Bitcoins drivkraft över $ 10 000 och dess upprätthållande av detsamma är ett bevis på att kryptovalutans marknad mognar, eftersom priset håller

Enligt en rapport från Chainalysis har den under kryptovalutans hela prishistorik inte spenderat mer än 13 veckor på att handla över 10 000 dollar. Faktum är att den längsta tiden var 13 veckor i december 2017. Med Bitcoins prisstängning på $ 11 300, den 16 oktober, är detta den 12: e veckan i rad över $ 10 000, en kortare än den ökända december 2017 bull run.

För att sätta detta i perspektiv har den nuvarande uppåtgående svängningen överträffat september 2019-vandringen över $ 10.000 när Vågen , CBDC , Kinas förskjutna hållning på blockchain och Bakkt drog Bitcoin ner från $ 13 800 i juni till $ 7 000 vid årets slut. Under hela denna cykel såg Bitcoin handel över $ 10 000 i 11 veckor, enligt Chainalysis.

Eftersom Bitcoin har spenderat 12 veckor sedan den näst sista veckan i juli på att handla över 10 000 dollar, är det nu bara en vecka från att överträffa december 2017-prestationen, något som inte är något litet.

3 indicatori chiave suggeriscono che il prezzo Bitcoin si sta preparando a ritestare 11.000 dollari

Gli analisti si aspettano che il prezzo del Bitcoin ritorni a 11.000 dollari dopo che i fattori macro favorevoli hanno migliorato la configurazione tecnica di BTC.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin (BTC) si avvicina ancora una volta a 11.000 dollari dopo un inizio di ottobre traballante. La scorsa settimana la BTC è scesa sotto i 10.500 dollari, ma il 9 ottobre il prezzo ha recuperato rapidamente a 10.940 dollari.

Nel breve termine, ci sono tre fattori che potrebbero aumentare il sentimento rialzista e spingere il prezzo sopra i $11.000. I possibili catalizzatori sono l’investimento di Square di 50 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin Era, una fase di accumulazione prolungata e il recente picco dell’attività a catena.

L’investimento Bitcoin di Square di 50 milioni di dollari è simbolico

L’8 ottobre Square, un conglomerato di pagamenti da 81 miliardi di dollari, ha annunciato di aver acquistato 50 milioni di dollari di Bitcoin, che rappresenta l’1% del patrimonio totale della società.

In una dichiarazione ufficiale, il direttore finanziario di Square, Amrita Ahuja, ha dichiarato che l’investimento della Bitcoin è un passo verso l’inclusione finanziaria. Ahuja ha detto:

„Crediamo che il Bitcoin abbia il potenziale per essere una valuta più onnipresente in futuro. Man mano che cresce con l’adozione, intendiamo imparare e partecipare in modo disciplinato. Per un’azienda che sta costruendo prodotti basati su un futuro più inclusivo, questo investimento è un passo avanti in questo percorso“.
Un investimento di 50 milioni di dollari per un’azienda delle dimensioni di Square non è un’allocazione importante, ma simboleggia la crescente domanda istituzionale che le istituzioni hanno per Bitcoin come veicolo di investimento e come riserva di valore.

L’annuncio arriva solo un mese dopo che MicroStrategy, un’azienda miliardaria quotata al Nasdaq, ha acquistato Bitcoin per un valore di 425 milioni di dollari.

Mohit Sorout, un partner di Bitazu Capital, ha individuato il movimento positivo del mercato del Bitcoin nonostante gli eventi negativi dei primi di ottobre. Ha notato:

„Affascinante come una miriade di notizie estremamente negative non abbia fatto muovere il prezzo, ma un misero acquisto di 50 milioni di dollari da SQ potrebbe semplicemente forzare un’evasione della BTC“.

Si sta materializzando una fase di accumulazione prolungata

Il Bitcoin ha oscillato tra i 10.500 e gli 11.000 dollari per la maggior parte del mese scorso. Come riportato dal Cointelegraph, quando la volatilità di BTC si riduce drasticamente in un periodo prolungato, è probabile che si verifichi un grande movimento dei prezzi.

Anche le Bande di Bollinger, un indicatore che stabilisce il range di prezzo di un asset in base alla sua volatilità, si sono ridotte significativamente. La volatilità a 30 giorni è ora al 20%, che storicamente è stata colpita solo 7 volte negli ultimi cinque anni.

Diversi indicatori tecnici indicano che un’impennata della volatilità è probabile dopo un intervallo prolungato. Aumenta anche la probabilità che si formi una fase di accumulo, dato che BTC ha protetto il livello di supporto di 10.500 dollari.

L’attività a catena di BTC è in aumento

Secondo l’analista a catena Cole Garner, il numero di indirizzi attivi giornalieri è aumentato nelle ultime settimane. Garner lo ha attribuito a un potenziale aumento della domanda da parte degli investitori in Cina, dopo il rapporto positivo dei media statali di criptaggio.

Oltre all’attività della rete a catena di blocco Bitcoin, l’hashrate è in continuo aumento fino a nuovi massimi.

Ciò suggerisce che i minatori sono fiduciosi nell’andamento dei prezzi a medio termine di BTC. I ricercatori di Glassnode lo hanno ulteriormente spiegato:

„Il tasso di hashish Bitcoin colpisce un nuovo ATH e tocca per la prima volta nella storia 170 exahash sul grafico orario (24h MA). Si tratta di un aumento di circa il 40% rispetto al dimezzamento di maggio, che aumenta sostanzialmente la sicurezza della rete“.

Paris Saint-Germain joins the Sorare blockchain game

New major milestone for the French startup Sorare and its blockchain fantasy football game. The Sorare ecosystem hosts the famous Paris Saint-Germain club and all of its players are now tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

After the Olympique de Marseille last July , it is Paris Saint-Germain’s turn to join the blockchain game Sorare

As of now, emblematic players of the club such as Kylian Mbappé and Neymar are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to Sorare and are available there in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition, the famous David Beckham will also have the right to an NFT in his effigy, in particular for having participated in the victory of Paris Saint-Germain in the Coupe de France in 2013.

Nicolas Julia , CEO of Sorare, points out that the most important blockchain gaming community is French, which represents 20% of its active players :

“Many [the players] asked for Paris Saint-Germain to join the platform. Thanks to the club, we are now taking an important step in the development of the game. With footballers such as Paris Saint-Germain, fans all over the world will be able to put their knowledge to good use by playing and winning rewards every week. , ”He explains.

With the arrival of Paris Saint-Germain, today 100 of the biggest football clubs in the world and their players are tokenized on the Sorare platform. Fabien Allegre , director of merchandising and diversification at Paris Saint-Germain, adds:

“At the forefront of innovation, we are always looking forward, to the future, to provide our fans with new experiences. To constantly improve them, and provide better coverage for our brand, Sorare will enable us to reach out to new communities, young people, particularly in Asia and America ”.

A guaranteed success for the French startup Sorare

Since the release of its public beta, card sales volumes on Sorare have multiplied by more than 30 , from € 18,000 per month in December 2019 to € 735,000 per month in August 2020.

In total, the equivalent of $ 2.5 million has been traded on Sorare since its inception. With more than 46,000 sales of NFTs , the average price of an exchange on the platform reaches 54 dollars.

In comparison to other blockchain games, the French project Sorare occupies the 5th position in the world in terms of volume over the last 7 days and often dethrones the first place at CryptoKitties .

In addition to excellent performance and its growing number of users, Sorare raised $ 4 million in a second fundraiser last July.

With Paris Saint-Germain, Sorare is quickly approaching his goal of bringing together the biggest clubs and leagues in the world to his universe.

The French startup is building one of the most popular blockchain games in the entire crypto-sphere and attracting football fans from all over the world, even those not initially familiar with blockchain. In his own way, Sorare is heavily involved in the adoption of NFTs , an increasingly popular industry.

Bullen streben nach 7% Einbruch 350 $ an

Analyse der Ethereum-Preise: Bullen streben nach 7% Einbruch 350 $ an

Da der BTCUSD das Niveau von 10.000 Dollar hält, scheint die zweitgrößte Kryptowährung Ethereum dem Beispiel zu folgen, wobei die Bullen den Schlüsselbereich um 330 Dollar verteidigen.

In den vergangenen 24 Stunden sah sich das Ethereum-Token bei Immediate Edge inmitten starker Verkäufe einer enormen Volatilität ausgesetzt, so dass die Preise seit Tagesbeginn am Montag um fast 13% nachgaben. Insgesamt ist ETH/USD in den letzten zwei Tagen um fast 17% gefallen.

Obwohl der Preis von einem wichtigen Niveau abgeprallt ist, bleibt das Szenario bestehen, dass der Jeton noch auf Tiefststände von 300 Dollar abrutschen könnte. Und laut einem Analysten birgt eine weitere Abwärtsbewegung unterhalb dieses Niveaus die Gefahr eines erneuten Tests der wichtigsten Unterstützungszone um 250 $.

Die Preiskämpfe bei Ethereum spiegeln das Ausbluten der wichtigsten Altmünzen nach dem Einbruch von Bitcoin wider. Die Krypto-Währung spürte auch die Hitze eines abstürzenden Aktienmarktes, der seit dem Schwarzen Donnerstag kein Wachstum mehr aufrechterhalten konnte.

Laut Santiment hat die Korrelation zwischen Ethereum, Bitcoin und traditionellen Vermögenswerten nie dagewesene Niveaus erreicht. Es ist ein solches Szenario, bei dem es für Ethereum-Bullen wahrscheinlich schwierig sein könnte, die Marke von 380 $ zu überschreiten.

Nach der IntoTheBlock-Metrik In/Out of the Money Around Price (IOMAP) repräsentiert das Gebiet mehr als 1,41 Millionen Adressen, die über 14 Millionen Ether-Marken ausmachen. Ein prominenter Krypto-Händler hatte einen Verkäuferstau in diesem Gebiet festgestellt, bevor die Märkte am Montag zu schrumpfen begannen.

Der Cryptocurrency-Händler und Analyst Michael Van de Poppe wies darauf hin, dass ETH/USD wahrscheinlich auf enormen Widerstand um die 385 $ stoßen würde und dass der Handel in der erweiterten Handelsspanne leicht rückläufig werden könnte, da die Preise in den Bereich zwischen 280 und 250 $ fallen würden.

Wie aus der untenstehenden Grafik ersichtlich, werden Bären wahrscheinlich Schaden anrichten, wenn der Ethereum-Preis nicht über $356 steigt. Der nächste Unterstützungsbereich, falls die Bullen die 356 $ nicht wieder erreichen, liegt bei etwa 321 $ und darunter liegt die psychologische Marke von 300 $.

Das Ethereum-Preis-Chart zeigt, dass die Preise auf Tiefststände von 279 $ fallen könnten

Sollte die Korrektur anhalten, könnte ein Zusammenbruch bedeuten, dass die Bullen das Gebiet um 270 Dollar verteidigen müssen. Das Gebiet verfügt über eine massive Pufferzone um 290 Dollar, in der über 1,01 Millionen Adressen mehr als 2,52 Millionen Wertmarken gekauft haben.

Dieses Gebiet ist derzeit „im Geld“ und stellt nach den IOMAP-Daten von IntoTheBlock ein entscheidendes Unterstützungsgebiet dar, das wahrscheinlich einem massiven Verkaufsdruck standhalten wird.

Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens tauschen ETH/USD ihre Hände laut Immediate Edge um rund 340 Dollar aus, was trotz eines leichten Aufschwungs während der späten asiatischen Handelssitzung immer noch mehr als 7% weniger im täglichen Handel ausmacht.

Global Digital Industry Group rozpoczyna działalność wydobywczą Bitworld

Gigant kryptowalut z ZEA, Global Digital Industry Group (GDIG), założył swoją spółkę zależną Bitworld i zainwestuje 50 milionów dolarów w firmę do 2021 roku, pracując nad budowaniem obecności firmy w branży wydobywczej Bitcoin Billionaire i Ethereum na Bliskim Wschodzie.

GDIG wyznaczył swojego szefa górnictwa, Plancka Danny’ego, na dyrektora generalnego Bitworld.

Na zdjęciu powyżej: Planck Danny w biurze Dubai Burj Khalifa ze swoim zespołem

GDIG powiedział, że tradycyjna branża wydobywania waluty cyfrowej jest ograniczona przez wymagania dotyczące zasilania, produkcji sprzętu, kanałów zakupu i innych ograniczeń zasobów, co utrudnia tradycyjnym firmom finansowym inwestowanie w stabilne i dochodowe projekty wydobywania waluty cyfrowej.

Na Bliskim Wschodzie koszt zasobów ropy i energii elektrycznej jest niski, ale zdolności produkcyjne maszyn górniczych podlegają większym ograniczeniom, a najnowocześniejsze i wydajne maszyny górnicze są produkowane głównie w regionie Azji i Pacyfiku.

Dzięki utworzeniu Bitworld region Bliskiego Wschodu nie będzie już podlegał wpływowi zdolności produkcyjnych maszyn górniczych w innych regionach, a Bitworld będzie w stanie dać pierwszeństwo dostawom własnych kopaczy do firm w regionie.

Dyrektor generalny Planck Danny, współzałożyciel GDIG, powiedział: „Bitworld wykorzysta swoje możliwości badawczo-rozwojowe, aby zaopatrywać nie tylko siebie, ale także cały Bliski Wschód w najnowsze, wysokowydajne profesjonalne maszyny górnicze.

„Bitworld będzie również odgrywał ważną rolę w zapewnianiu równoważnej mocy obliczeniowej w branży wydobywczej zastawów praw do cyfrowej waluty i maszyn górniczych i jest już zainteresowany przyszłą współpracą z wieloma firmami energetycznymi na Bliskim Wschodzie oraz w regionie Azji i Pacyfiku”.

Bitworld będzie również badać nowe kierunki, otwierając BTC , ETH i inne usługi przetwarzania w chmurze, aby pomóc zrównoważyć koszty zużycia energii w globalnych kopalniach

Z siedzibą w Dubaju w Zjednoczonych Emiratach Arabskich, na 132.piętrze Burj Khalifa, zatrudnia ponad 70 pracowników, prowadzi działalność w dwóch głównych obszarach działalności: wydobywaniu walut cyfrowych i fundacji Global Digital Industry Group.

Zaangażowana w kilka projektów blockchain, takich jak IPFS, BTW, CDS itp., Jest globalną firmą, która buduje i inwestuje w firmy blockchain na całym świecie. Jedna z najbardziej aktywnych firm inwestycyjnych w przestrzeni blockchain na Bliskim Wschodzie.

Macro-econoom zegt dat de wereld ‚verdrinkt‘ in Amerikaanse dollars terwijl de BTC-prijzen terugkomen.

  • Bedrijfsanalist Stephen Bartholomeusz zegt dat de wereld „verdrinkt“ in Amerikaanse dollars.
  • De beslissing van de Federal Reserves om triljoenen dollars te pompen in de centrale banken zou wel eens een toevalstreffer kunnen blijken te zijn voor de bitcoin.

Een aantal financiële analisten zegt nu dat de wereld „verdrinkt in Amerikaanse dollars“, waardoor macro-economische omstandigheden ontstaan die gunstig zijn voor bitcoin en andere opslag-of-waarde activa.

Volgens een rapport van Crypto Cash heeft de beslissing van de Federal Reserve om triljoenen dollars in de centrale banken te pompen om de economische gevolgen van COVID-19 tegen te gaan, de voorwaarden geschapen voor een enorme waardevermeerdering van het Amerikaanse fiat.

Het rapport beweert dat zowel de goud- als de bitcoin-prijzen deze week zijn gestegen in de aanloop naar een bijeenkomst van leden van de Amerikaanse Federal Reserve. Ter vergelijking: de US Dollar Index (DXY) heeft tekenen van zwakte getoond voor de reservevaluta van de wereld, waardoor in 2020 enorme bedragen aan waarde verloren zijn gegaan.

Bedrijfsanalist Stephen Bartholomeusz, die voor de Sydney Morning Herald schrijft, zei dat de wereld „in Amerikaanse dollars is verdronken“ via liquiditeitswissels.

Hij zei,

De combinatie van de toegang tot dollars, de omvang van de monetaire beleidsstimulans in de VS en de recente beslissing van de Fed om de VS-tarieven op het huidige verwaarloosbare niveau te houden – negatief in reële termen – heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de VS-dollar sinds 19 maart ongeveer 9,3 procent in waarde is gedaald ten opzichte van de mand van de valuta’s van haar belangrijkste handelspartners.

Hij ging verder en zei dat de dollar op zijn zwakste niveau in meer dan twee jaar was gedaald, terwijl hij toevoegde dat de DXY een scherpere daling in de nabije toekomst kon zien.

Com a inflação de novo em alta, Bitcoin pode em breve explodir.

Muitas pessoas estão vendo o Crypto Genius como uma cobertura potencial contra a inflação, mas ultimamente esse sentimento está crescendo, em grande parte por causa de Jerome Powell, chefe do Fed.

O bitcoin pode potencialmente surgir nas próximas semanas

Como presidente da Reserva Federal dos Estados Unidos, Powell falará esta semana na conferência anual de Jackson Hole, no Wyoming. Ele deve estabelecer a lei e instilar um novo conjunto de regras e regulamentos que potencialmente trarão a inflação nos Estados Unidos ainda mais alta. Entre estas medidas estarão formas mais „relaxadas“ de „gerir as pressões sobre os preços“, que estão previstas – de acordo com os reguladores financeiros – para trazer a inflação de volta a um nível relativamente normal mais tarde.

Entretanto, o Fed anunciou que permitirá que a inflação seja superior à média de dois por cento por um curto período. Muitos estão preocupados com a possibilidade de que isto venha a ter um efeito contrário e que os métodos concebidos para enfrentar a inflação estejam a chegar no momento errado, uma vez que o coronavírus ainda está a correr desenfreadamente. Mati Greenspan – fundador da Quantum Economics e ex-analista da Crypto Exchange e-Toro – explicou:

Especialmente no momento atual, para o Fed anunciar que está prestes a desvalorizar ativamente o dinheiro nas contas das pessoas não parece ser uma grande idéia. Como é, com todo o estímulo que está acontecendo, as pessoas já estão questionando o valor do dinheiro. O Fed está basicamente a brincar com o fogo aqui.

A Meltem Demirors of Coin Shares fame teve um sentimento semelhante, explicando que enquanto ativos como as ações de ações estão subindo pelo telhado, este é um enorme sinal de que o dólar encolheu de valor e, portanto, o aumento dos preços dos ativos nem sempre é a melhor maneira de determinar como uma economia está se saindo. diz Meltem:

Enquanto as pessoas estão a celebrar o mercado de acções e os valores imobiliários estarem sempre em alta, o que não reconhecem é que não são activos que valem mais, mas sim dólares que valem menos.

Matthew Dibb, co-fundador do Stack – um provedor de fundos de índice na Ásia – acredita que as moedas criptográficas provavelmente irão subir ainda mais, considerando o quão fraco o dólar se tornou nos últimos meses. Bitcoin, por exemplo, já subiu mais de 60% desde o início do ano, e ele está confiante de que isso poderia ser o começo de algo muito maior para a moeda digital número um do mundo, por limite de mercado.

Dibb afirma:

O maior impacto para a criptografia deste simpósio seria uma mudança na política monetária e uma maior depreciação do dólar americano, o que poderia impulsionar o bitcoin mais alto.

Enviando Inflação para Recordes de Alta

Nigel Green do grupo de consultoria financeira deVere ofereceu os seus dois cêntimos e mencionou:

A impressão de somas históricas de dinheiro de helicóptero que foi empurrado para o sistema financeiro desvalorizou o dólar e provocou receios de inflação. Não se pode imprimir apenas bitcoin. À medida que a incerteza aumenta, os investidores vão se amontoar em ativos seguros, especialmente aqueles não ligados a nenhum país específico, como o bitcoin e o ouro.